about me


   I paint largely from photographs I have taken, or that others have given to me. Over the years I have found that plein air work (painting landscapes on site) presents many challenges: light is difficult to capture outside because it is constantly changing, and in the rainy and foggy coastal climates I have come to call home, it is nearly impossible to complete a painting without having to pack up and move indoors.

   Completed paintings in any case are most often viewed indoors under artificial light, not natural light. My preference for working is the consistency, comfort and ease of my studio and the luxury of setting up and cleaning up in one place.

  In addition to being an artist, I have taught oil painting classes in many parts of the country and in varied settings. My classes are primarily Landscape and Seascape Painting, though I will follow my students’ interests.

  I’ve taught in schools, galleries and stores. At Hill of Beans, the arts supply store I opened in Mendocino County, California, our full range of classes included many kinds of painting and other creative activities. Classes filled quickly with many wonderful projects and discussions about creative work and play.

  My paintings hang locally in galleries and other venues and are privately collected. I have been a lifelong advocate for the many benefits of creative expression and have seen many lives transformed through the process of self-discovery. Works of art outlive the artist!

  Although I have traveled extensively and have lived in many places, I have happily adopted Bandon, Oregon as my home and my community.


My Life in Art